The Miracle Of The Well

During a particularly hot dry summer, the Reid well remained dry for two or three months and water had to be hauled in barrels from a distant well. Ann was taunted one evening to "Ask Father to send water in that well and not have us boys work so hard."
Ann spent the night in fervent prayer lest "the boys won't believe I am what I profess to be."
The next morning Ann hooked a pail to the windlass, lowered it with a splash and retrieved two buckets of clear, sparkling water. Her prayers had been answered.
On the hundredth anniversary of this "miracle" a commemorative tablet was placed over the original well bearing the inscription:
Over Holy Ann's Well A.D. 1857. Placed here A.D. 1957.
The tablet was moved to its present location in 1971.
The life and miracles of Holy Ann were given world wide recognition in the book "An Irish Saint" that went through 28 editions in 6 languages. It brought pilgrims to Thornhill to visit the well and the home.