Methodist Burying Ground

On February 25, 1837, Elizabeth Lyons set aside a piece of land on her farm for a Methodist Church and burying ground. Four standing corner markers indicate the location of that churchyard.
The Wesleyan Methodist Church was organized in this area in 1802,
meeting at the Ben Hoshel farmhouse (Con. 2, Markham) and later from
1815, to 1838 at the Cober Schoolhouse (Langstaff P. S.).
In 1852, after the Wesleyan and British Methodist Union, the building on the Lyons farm was moved to 57 Centre St. where it endured until partially destroyed by fire in June, 1983.
Burials in the cemetery at tis original site were in time discontinued and many of those interred were moved to Thornhill Cemetery after it opened about 1867. These headstones mark the names of the original church trustees and pioneer families in Thornhill.

Erected by
The Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill, 1989.