Holy Trinity Burying Ground

Thornhill's first official cemetery was in the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church built on this site in 1830 and moved to Brooke Street in 1950. The Parish Hall was added in 1928 and serves a Baptist congregation. The historic burying ground remains to serve parishioners who have settled here since the early 1800's.
The oldest headstone, dated 1804, commemorates Rebecca Willson who fled New Jersey with her family as Loyalist refugees in 1793. Other headstones record the drama of immigration and rugged settlement, War in 1812, Rebellion in 1837, fire, flood, epidemic and of greater wars.
The reality of daily life is dominant. These men, women and children lived by the seasons, working with their hands and minds to create our community.


Erected by the Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill and Holy Trinity Anglican Church, with the assistance of the Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation. 1983.