Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church was built on the west side of Yonge Street at Royal Orchard Boulevard in 1830 by a congregation that had worshipped since 1815 at nearby Cober schoolhouse.
The entire building was dismantled and rebuilt on this site in 1950. It is the oldest original church building in continuous use in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.
Memorial windows in the church commemorate William Parsons and Benjamin Thorne who
jointly donated the
land on which the Church first stood.
The first Rector, the Reverend George Mortimer officiated at the funeral of Colonel Moodie, the first victim of the Rebellion of 1837.
The mourners came armed with guns and pitchforks fearing a rebel attack. None occurred.
For over 150 years, Holy Trinity met the challenges of faith in times of rebellion, flood, pestilence, poverty and plenty.
This heritage points to a promising future.

Erected by the Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill and the Thornhill Recycling Association with the assistance of The Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation. 1982.