Title: Archaeology of a 16th Century Huron Wendat Village in Thornhill

Date: May 9, 2023
Time: Refreshments 7:15pm; Speaker 7:30pm
Location: Heintzman House, 135 Bay Thorn Dr., Thornhill
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Description: Known to local Thornhill residents since at least 1885, the Thornhill site (the current site of E.J. Sands Public School) is an ancestral Huron-Wendat village and cemetery dating to the early 16th century. During the 1920s the site was investigated by A.J. Clark, a talented avocational archaeologist, artist, and resident of Vaughan. Recent archaeological work at the site in advance of development has determined the presence of significant features and artifacts.

Speaker: Martin Cooper is a Senior Archaeologist and Senior Associate with Archaeological Services Inc. He has conducted archaeological research throughout Ontario for over the past 40 years and is a long-time resident of Thornhill.

This is a FREE event hosted by the Thornhill Historical Society. This will be our first in-person indoors event since early 2020. To celebrate, there will be cake!

This event is hosted by the Thornhill Historical Society.

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