March 15, 2019

Cancellation of the Thornhill Village Festival

After 42 years of serving as the host organization to the Thornhill Village Festival (Thornhill Village Cultural Festival, 2018) the Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill (SPOHT) has made the difficult decision to cancel future Thornhill Village Festival events.

The mission of the Thornhill Village Festival has been to foster community spirit, promote the heritage of old Thornhill, and provide a venue for the celebration of our community's diverse cultural traditions.

Unfortunately, carrying out this mission in the format of the Thornhill Village Festival has seen increasing operational pressures and reduced resources, all on the shoulders of an increasingly small volunteer organizing committee.

We realize that this news will be met with disappointment by many people in Thornhill and beyond who have come to enjoy this community event as part of their own traditions - as has been the case for the Festival’s long-time organizers.

While the Festival has come to an end, our mission to celebrate and promote the heritage and traditions of our community remains unchanged.

SPOHT is looking at options for a new, more manageable, event that allows for this mission to be the focus rather than become overshadowed by the other pressures of operations.

Ultimately it is people who make these events happen, and in the coming weeks and months we will be seeking new volunteers and new ideas. Please consider getting involved.

Pam Birrell,
SPOHT President
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