This page provides links and references to various historical sources available online or through Markham, Vaughan or other public library systems.

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The Weaver Collection of Thornhill
The Weaver Collection of Thornhill is a remarkable collection of photographs, research notes and copied / transcribed primary sources on buildings, sites and people of Thornhill. The collection, which is arranged by street or subject. Alf Weaver photographed local buildings, people, and events from the 1940's to the 1990's, and the collection includes many historical photographs collected or copied by the Weavers. The collection is particularly valuable in its documentation of Thornhill's transition from a rural to sub-urban community.
The Weaver Collection of Thornhill was donated to the Thornhill Archives through the Estate of the Alf and Laura Weaver in 2003.

Much of the Weaver Collection of Thornhill is available online:

Albums by Street or by Subject
Yonge Street (East Side)
Gallery (scanned images), PDF Part 1 (55MB) - Part 2 (70MB)

Yonge Street (West Side)
- Gallery (scanned images), PDF Part 1 (59MB) - Part 2 (89MB)

Center Street
Gallery (scanned images), PDF (70MB)

Colborne Street and Church Lane
- Gallery (scanned images), PDF (50MB)

John Street
- Gallery (scanned images), PDF (60MB)

Brooke St., Elizabeth St., Mill St., Sumner Ln., Eliza St., Jane St.
- Gallery (scanned images), PDF (42MB)

Thornhill Street scenes

Thornhill houses and buildings

Thornhill places and people

Photos of Old Thornhill

121 Centre St. - Thoreau MacDonald House, 1981

General historical or primary sources (publications):
This section lists various published historical sources available online or through Markham, Vaughan or other public or university libraries.

Historical Documentaries about Thornhill 

  • The Thornhill Story: 1790-1990 (2 Parts). Description: a historical documentary feature that explores the history of Thornhill, Ontario from the time of its settlement in the 1790's through its development into the 20th century. Produced by Vic Stecyk for the Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill (SPOHT) in 1991.

  • The Story of Holy Ann. Description: Features the story of Ann Preston ("Holy Ann") (1810-1906). Created by: 100 Huntley St.

  • THOREAU. Description: A short documentary on the life of Thoreau MacDonald (1901-1989), artist, book illustrator, and art editor who lived most of his life in Thornhill, Ontario. He was the son of Group of Seven artist, J.E.H. MacDonald (ca.1989 or 1990).

Local Newspapers (Online):
Several newspapers serving the Richmond Hill and Thornhill areas have been made available by the Richmond Hill Public Library.

Thornhill Heritage Conservation Districts plans:

Designated & Listed houses and buildings in Thornhill:

Thornhill Cemeteries:
Historic Cemeteries of Southern York Region
Includes: Holy Trinity Cemetery, St. Luke's Cemetery, and Thornhill Community Cemetery

Historic Plaques in Thornhill:
See historic plaques that have been installed at various sites in Thornhill to mark places, people and events.

Historical Maps & Aerial imagery:

Thornhill in the Second World War:
Thornhill Honour Roll & Scrapbook, 1939-1945. (Thornhill Archives)

Photographs of Thornhill online:

The Thornhill Archives has an extensive photograph collection ranging in date from the mid-19th century to the present day. The people, places and events that have shaped this community are well-documented in the various photograph collections.

A small number of collections are available online: