Goals and Objectives

  • Preserve the surviving remnants of 19th Century and early 20th Century Thornhill.
  • Preserve trees, water courses, parks streetscapes and buildings which lend special character to the community.
  • Foster a community identity in an urban environment and an awareness of its past.
  • Work with developers and government to modify the impact of changes, and to relate them to existing buildings and areas.
  • Secure representation on local councils and on Heritage Markham and Heritage Vaughan.
  • Raise funds to expand The Society's contribution to the community.
  • Supply speakers to talk to interested groups.
  • Recruit new members and maintain the allegiance of the present members, offering them an opportunity to learn more about their community.

Results Since 1974

The Society has earned credibility through cooperative, informed and rational dialogue with representatives at local, municipal and provincial levels. S.P.O.H.T. is unique in that it acts for all residents interested in Historic Thornhill, whether they live in Markham or in Vaughan. Some typical results, initiated by The Society are:

  • Revision of plans prepared by The Ministry of Transportation & Communication and by Town Councils
  • Active involvement at the Ontario Municipal Board (O.M.B.) in the interest of heritage conservation
  • Modification to plans for land development
  • Successful lobbies to preserve buildings having historical significance
  • Leadership in the designation of the Thornhill (Markham and Vaughan) Heritage Conservation Districts.

Community Projects & Educational Resources

  • Preparation of audiovisual material, for use in schools and libraries, describing Thornhill history in a fascinating way.
  • Annual Thornhill Village Festival.
  • Annual Festival Ball.
  • Annual Thornhill Village Picnic.
  • Production of "When Yonge was Young" an Education Kit for Grade 7/8 students available to local schools and libraries.
  • Creation of a "Walking Tour of Historic Thornhill Village" with a map and description of local historic sites.
  • Establishment of the Thornhill Archives & Special Collections.
  • The creation of our website, www.thornhillhistoric.org.