Created: June 2004
The Thornhill Horticultrual Society: 90 and Still Growing!
As the Thornhill Garden and Horticultural Society celebrates its 90th
anniversary, its members can look back and be proud of the contributions they have made to the community of Thornhill

Created: June 2004
Thornhill Secondary School 50: 1954 - 2004
Prior to the opening of Thornhill Secondary School (originally known as Thornhill High School) in 1954, students had to commute to either Richmond Hill High School or in later years, Earl Haig Collegiate. The growing population in the post-war years put increased pressure on the existing high schools.

Created: June 2004
The View from Above: Aerial Photos of Thornhill from the 1930's to the 1960's
Over the years a number of aerial photographs and aerial surveys have been taken over Thornhill and the surrounding area. For this exhibit we have reproduced four aerial photographs we have in our collection. Aerial photographs are valuable sources of information, as they literally provide a bird's eye view of the area. They show the positions of buildings and other sites in relation to one another, and they can vividly record the changes that take place over time as communities evolve.

Created: June 30, 2004
A Dip Into the History of the Thornhill Pool
For just over fifty years, the Thornhill Pool has been a welcomed and refreshing feature of the Thornhill community. Its presence here is the direct result of the hard work and determination of many local residents. On Sunday July 11, 2004, the Thornhill Pool was officially re-opened with the dedication of the new pool building facility.
This exhibit takes a look back at the people who invested time and effort to create this facility which we all enjoy.

Created: October 15, 2004
Hurricane Hazel: The 50th Anniversary of the Storm of the Century
October 15th, 2004 marks the 50th anniversary of the natural disaster which forever changed the way we think about the valley corridors in Toronto and and surrounding area. In the many oral and written personal histories created in this area during the past few decades, few neglect to recall where they were when Hazel hit.

Created: May 9, 2005
Thornhill Celebrates V. E. Day
Created in Honour of the 60th Anniversary of the end of the War in Europe
"On Monday evening the ringing of bells and the happy singing of children gave the first intimation to residents who had not been listening to the radio, that V.E. Day was at last a reality..."

Created on: July 16, 2005
Thornhill Public School - 1944 Quilt
This exhibit was first created in September, 2004 in honour of the recent donation of the "Thornhill Public School, 1944" quilt by Penny (Reid) Moxon. The exhibit also features a brief history of Thornhill Public School which first opened in 1847.
For our new website, we have redesigned and greatly expanded this exhibit, featuring more materials from our collections.