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B1 SIDE TRAIL ANNSWELL PARK, Dudley St. At this point, you may cross John Street to Confederation Way, walking south past the town houses and through the iron gates to the little park on your left. The Park is named after Holy Ann Preston (see #4). A replica of her prayer shed and capped well are located here. When the well went dry, it is said that Ann's prayers brought water again, just one of the miracles associated with the Irish servant girl.
Annswell Park
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Ann's Prayer Shed.
Ann's Prayer Shed
Ann Preston (1810 -1906) came from Ireland in 1830 to serve Dr. Reid and his family in their home at the corner of Yonge and Elgin Streets.
Her life was one of toil, service, prayer and militant Christianity, such that pranksters chalked "Holy Ann lives here" on her door. The name endured.
In her declining years Dr. Reid built this small prayer house where, in seclusion, Ann found solace and spiritual refreshment in praying for the ill and less fortunate.
She died on June 21, 1906, and was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Six ministers officiated at the funeral at which the Mayor of Toronto testified: "I have had two honors this week... an interview with the President of the United States... and pallbearer to Holy Ann. Of the two honours I prize the latter most."

Erected by the Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill
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